Mayor Scott Announces Baltimore City COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution Plan for Upcoming Week

BALTIMORE, MD (Friday, March 5, 2021) — Today, Mayor Brandon M. Scott and Baltimore City Health Commissioner Letitia Dzirasa announced the Baltimore City vaccination distribution plan for the upcoming week. Mayor Scott also announced that beginning today, Baltimore City’s COVID Vaccine data dashboard will now include the City’s data showing the county of residence for individuals who have received the vaccine at any vaccination site in Baltimore City, reflecting the administration’s commitment to equity and transparency.

“My administration is committed to transparency and equity in the vaccine distribution process and I am glad that we can provide our residents with a look ahead at the schedule of our vaccination sites, mobile clinics, and allotment,” said Mayor Brandon M. Scott. “This critical information is key to many as they plan the best way to get themselves and their loved ones vaccinated. We  must continue to practice the mitigation efforts that have saved lives thus far while we focus on vaccinating our most vulnerable residents.”

For the week of March 8, 2021, through March 12, 2021, the Baltimore City vaccination distribution plan is as follows:

  • Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) Closed POD Site –  1,200 doses available –  This site is serving Baltimore City residents over 65 years old, City educators, and first responders. The Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD) is reaching out directly to individuals to schedule appointments. BCHD is using the MAP Call Center (410-396-2273) and Google interest form registry to schedule older adults, and encourages Baltimore City residents over 65 to register through the interest form or call the MAP center if they do not have internet access.
  • Partners Vaccinating Older Adults & Educators –  1,000 doses available –  These doses are being distributed to partners operating closed POD sites serving Baltimore City’s older adults off of BCHD’s MAP/Google form list, and city educators.
  • Mobile Response Teams – 1,000 doses available – These doses are being distributed through BCHD’s mobile teams serving Baltimore City’s older adults living in senior housing buildings, and individuals experiencing homelessness living in congregate living facilities.

“In order to ensure equitable and rapid vaccination of Baltimore City residents, the Health Department is continuing to work with healthcare partners to direct doses to older adults, educators, first responders, and people experiencing homelessness,” Health Commissioner Dr. Letitia Dzirasa said. “We are thankful for our partners in these efforts, as we work collectively to increase the speed and equity of vaccination in Baltimore City.”

The mobile response partnership allows BCHD to provide doses and coordinate coverage of senior housing buildings across Baltimore City to supplement work already being done by the Federal Pharmacy Partnership. These locations have been identified by looking at facilities that house primarily older adults or contain large numbers of older adults and were subsidized through federal (HUD) and State (DHCD) loan and grant programs. Additionally, buildings within city limits that house at least 30 adults over 65 years old may request a clinic on an ongoing basis through the link found here.

To date, BCHD has identified 117 independent living facilities, housing an estimated 14,000 Baltimore City residents. Of these buildings, 54 have already had first-dose clinics, with 63 remaining, with BCHD having provided 14 first-dose clinics so far alongside partners. Second dose clinics have also begun at locations that had received their first dose. BCHD is working with partners to provide clinics using BCHD’s allocation of doses, prioritizing buildings based on the total population of older adults living in the building and vaccination rate of the building’s census tract. This ensures rapid coverage to densely populated buildings in areas with low vaccine coverage to date.

For the week of March 8, 2021, through March 12, 2021, BCHD Mobile Response Teams will visit:

  • Advent Senior Housing, 1234 Patapsco Street (2nd dose clinic);
  • Bolton North, 1600 West Mount Royal Avenue;
  • Hanover Square, 1 West Conway Street;
  • Marlborough Apartments, 1701 Eutaw Place;
  • Sharpe Leadenhall, 911 Leadenhall Street (2nd dose clinic);
  • St. Mary Roland View, 3838 Roland Avenue; and
  • Zion Towers, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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