Call for Applications

The fifth edition of the MASB Artist Travel Prize awards $6,000 to a visual artist or visual artist collaborators living in Baltimore City. Successful proposals will be selected from submissions that clearly articulate the artist’s reason for travel and how it relates to their work, along with supporting materials. The $6,000 prize is intended to function as funding for travel essential to studio practice that an artist may not otherwise be able to afford.
The previous winners of the MASB Artist Travel Prize are LaToya M. Hobbs and J.M. Giordano in 2019, Erin Fostel and Erick Antonio Benitez in 2018, Nate Larson in 2017, and Stephen Towns in 2016. The winners have traveled to Morocco, Czech Republic, Japan, Peru, throughout the United States, and to Ghana and Senegal.
Proposals should consider speaking to the current pandemic and what the prospect of traveling for studio practice would mean, given travel limitations at the moment. With this in mind, BOPA and MASB will be flexible with the selected artist, should travel restrictions continue further into 2021 than currently estimated.
The application deadline is Monday, August 31, 2020.
The MASB Community Arts Matching Grant offers matching grant funds for artists to activate or expand community engagement with a public art project that will continue to stimulate interest in art in the City of Baltimore and to encourage an appreciation for contemporary art that is openly accessible to all.
The MASB Community Arts Matching Grant supports independent artists and small organizations with an artist led project by providing matching funds up to $10,000 per project.
The MASB Community Arts Matching Grant supports any of the following permanent or temporary public art forms:
  • Stand-alone sculptures and structures
  • Mosaics, murals, wall-mounted sculpture, site furnishing, lighting and projections
The application deadline is Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

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