2020 Invoices

We apologize for the inconvenience, but our 2020 invoices have not yet been mailed out. With the change to the new company, we had some trouble mailing our newsletters and have held off on mailing the invoices. They will begin mailing later this week. You can set up and pay online.
1. Go to the website at http://www.payhoa.com
2. Click ‘Sign Up’ in top right hand corner
3. Click on ‘Join existing HOA
4. Enter your preferred e-mail address for correspondence then press ‘Next’
5. Type in ‘Greater Northwood Covenant Association’ as your HOA
6. Fill out rest of the personal information to set up your account & click join
Once we confirm your property, you will have access to your account.
If you choose to wait to pay by check, there will not be any late penalties.

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